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Shot-Shield™ lead shot curtain screening system

Shot-Shield™ is a product primarily developed for lead shot containment in the clay target shooting industry. The goal was to create a lead shot curtain screening system that would stop lead shot from exiting clay target shooting ranges. The materials used in the Shot-Shield™ system are very durable. They are able to stand up to the abrasive lead shot environment and endure extensive Ultra Violet (UV) exposure. The installation standards for Shot-Shield™ are the highest in the industry, assuring the system can withstand possible harsh climate conditions and meet the demands of shooting ranges worldwide.

Outdoor Shooting Range Noise Reduction

Shot-Shield™ also provides the added bonus of gun range noise abatement. The material is proven to reduce the noise decibel readings that impact surrounding neighbors. Our tests conclusively demonstrate a tremendous reduction in noise levels after the Shot-Shield™ shot curtain system is installed.

Limits Extraneous Light Exiting The Gun Range Facility

Additionally, Shot-Shield™ helps to control light emissions from sports lighting systems for nighttime use of shooting ranges. The Shot-Shield™ material does not allow light to pass through it, reducing the amount of light that exits the shooting range. With proper lighting design and placement, many ranges enjoy the ability to throw targets at night. Regulatory agencies are concerned about light pollution. However with installation of the Shot-Shield™ system, the emission of light exiting the facility can be greatly reduced.

The Make Up of Shot-Shield™ Lead Shot Curtain

Shot-Shield™ is constructed of a solid 1/8” thick material embedded with a very strong polyester corded mesh. There are a number of optional colors that may be ordered to meet the particular demands of each individual site. In an independent laboratory test, the tear strength of the standard Shot-Shield™ material panel withstood a pull test of 350 pounds from a single hole 1-3/4 inches from the edge of the material.

In order to provide a quality care-free installation, Shot-Shield™ has also developed the mounting devise to assure our clients a strong, long-lasting product. Our mounting brackets are made of stainless steel and can withstand extreme weather conditions along with exposure to many rounds of impact from lead shot.

Shot-Shield™ unique steel poles and installation system prevents pole failure from high winds, extreme frost, harsh climate conditions, and the abrasive conditions of the lead shot impacts that can quickly destroy wood poles. Our poles, their embedment, and necessary installation requirements are completely engineered to meet the requirements of numerous regulatory requirements.

Shot-Shield™ has trained contractors located around the United States ensuring your project installation is a success. Shot-Shield™ provides steel poles for the needs and requirements of the clay target shooting industry. There are an endless number of variables at each site necessitating the need for a great deal of flexibility. Wind loads, height requirements, ice loading are just a few. Because of this, we have the expertise to meet precise installation and design requirements no matter what conditions the Shot-Shield™ will be exposed to.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is actively encouraging shooting ranges to be proactive with regards to the environment and to promote “best management practices” with regards to lead shot. Shot-Shield™ is a great solution to assist in lead shot containment associated with shooting ranges. The Shot-Shield™ material creates a shooter-friendly environment that is not a distraction to the participants of the sport. Shot-Shield™ can also reduce the noise levels emitted from the shotgun blasts, and help reduce or eliminate light emission from gun clubs with the ability to provide nighttime shooting.

Shot-Shield™ Brochure